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robert bitte

robert bitte

Instrumentals, Jazz, Rock, Chill, Soundtrack....

Arlington Heights, Illinois , USA

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I have been a professional drummer for 50 years. In 1990, I started writing contemporary instrumental music for tv, film and commercials. Mostly Ambient, New Age, Smooth Jazz, Chill. In 2014, I created Polar Vortex Music, a website that caters to business and personal licensing of my music. All music composed, recorded and produced by me.


Shadows of Light

Vanishing Man

Only Here For A Minute

Nightmare on Alpine Court



Inner Pwace

Chinese Butterfly

Christmas Past

Tall Trees Talk

No World Order

Polar Vortex



Shannon Song


Gone Quiet

Safe House

Autumn Moon

Wind Dance

January Blue

Silence of the Heart

Peace Against Your Will

Out of the Cave

Dying To Live

Soft Rings

Talking Sticks

Seems Like Forever

Day After Yesterday

Sumac Heaven

Dancing Bubbles

Bouncing Off The Walls

Call of the Jungle


Cyber Cat

Once In A Lifetime