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Denver, Colorado , USA

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WhompO has been a project of mine 6 years in the running in the grand city of Denver, Colorado. From live shows, to multi-genre’d albums, I’ve been mixing it up in the Mile High City. My roots from old school hip hop gave me the desire to publish instrumentals; mixed with a flourishing electronic music scene in Denver, I’ve curated my own sounds and styles over the years. From years past, my music greatly reflected the energy of live performance sound. Spanning all house genre’s, that scene quickly, and annoyingly became over saturated with the same sounds and styles as those who found success. The music I love, with all it’s styles and genre’s became summarized by one acronym, EDM. Recently I’ve sought out to develop new experimental sounds that stand out from the norm. My recent projects includes instrumentals that are geared towards car rides, film, skiing; the finer things in life. The creative freedom found in these productions can be heard, as inspiration flows from every waking moment of life.




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