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Untamed Music


Detroit, Michigan , USA

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Timothy Mcgough A.K.A “Untamed” was born June 15 1990 in Detroit mi. When he was 8 years old, Timothy was torn away from his family and was taken to live in foster homes and resident places untamed begin to feel the lost of love so he began writing about his life. Most of his younger years he stayed in residential homes dealing with all of this at such a young age inspired him write about it. He began performing in different events and open mics. Untamed had his first child, Tyier Mcgough. His son inspired him to go further with his career so he began also doing radio interviews, Internet interviews. Timothy won different competitions In Ohio and in Detroit and still at the age of 27 he still pushes his music even harder to get in the right hand. He is also starting his own clothing line. Now he is working with a few different projects but still stands as an independent artist.


#313 (Clean)