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Baltimore, Maryland , USA

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I'm a guitar holding ambient artist, crafting my music for the masses. I've also done recordings under the name 'infinite_coil' and have been 1/2 of the ambient duo 'Harmony & Decay'. I'm a touring professional guitarist and most of what I do is loud, fast, with many notes. All the time. Ambient music is very left field for me, but I've been listening to it for many (20+) years, so I feel quite safe dabbling in it. I make everything primarily on guitar and keyboards, with manipulation of free samples I find everywhere. My aim is to create cinematic soundscapes that move harmonically rather than drones. Please feel free to download and distribute the music. All original music is governed by the CREATIVE COMMONS licensing. My music should never be sold by third parties without consent, and if it is done so, then the law of ethics more than anything has been broken. That said, feel free to use it for mixes, film, what-have-you. Just please notify me (only because I pat myself on the back when I know someone likes what I do) and give me credit for what you make from it. If you do want to support me, I really do appreciate it. The sales that I get from my music goes directly to other like-minded musicians art. That's karma. Peace. //tonepoet//



With A Whisper It's Gone


The Moon Shows Me How

Swallow The Sky

I Wish That You Would Breathe Life Into Me

Silent Reproach

Showers of Lilac

Old Photographs


Expand Contract

Echoes of Clouds


As The Sun Begins To Awake

(Within My Mind) An Ocean Appears