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Thumper Samuels

Thumper Samuels

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Omaha, Nebraska , USA

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Craig “Thumper” Samuels is a very talented and accomplished Award Winning, Multi-Instrumental, International Recording Artist from Omaha Nebraska who writes, sings, produces, records, creates, composes, and orchestrates the funky smooth soulful sound that he calls (THE O-ZONE SOUND) that is his unique signature sound.  Thumper developed his own style of “Thumpin” at an early age when he started experimenting with new and different sounds from various string instruments, as well as the piano, the clarinet and the Saxophone. He also plays Guitar, Bass, Drums, percussion, and several other instruments. He has two recording studios, and his own record label. Thumpin’ Hard Records. Many great musicians from music genres from gospel to heavy metal have had both an impact and an influence on Thumper and his music, such as: Prince, Ernie Isley, Louis Johnson, Kenny Burrell, George Benson, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, BB King, Robert Johnson, Richard Marx, Russ Freeman, and Lee Ritenour, just to name a few. He has created a new program for High School seniors called "Our Stars of 2Morrow" in which he writes a new song each year and the proceeds from this song go toward a scholarship program for the high school seniors of that year. He is also the founder and creator of JADA (Jazz Against Domestic Abuse) an organization that raises awareness to Domestic abuse around the country and the world through Jazz music. Portions of his CD sales go toward the funding for a national tour and education to promote awareness for the cause. Thumper has played all over the world through out his music career on stages both large and small along with up close and intimate settings as well. Thumper owes a huge debt of gratitude to Internet radio stations who continue to play his music throughout the world.  Thumpers’ 9th and newest released CD titled “Thumpology 101” that features the hit “In This Love 2gether” from the late great Al Jarreau is currently climbing Jazz charts around the world and is currently at #5 on the smooth jazz charts at Radio Indie International. This song has also won Thumper a national award for best jazz track from The Akademia Music awards, and has been nominated for jazz track of the year for 2017. His 7th CD “Love…4 2morrow is not Promised” featuring the hit song  “I Wish” from Stevie Wonder climbed to #1 on the jazz charts at Smooth 97 the Oasis, and can be heard on his website at along with other tracks from these and his other well received CD’s which garnered the critically acclaimed musician to be one of the new trend setters of the jazz world. These radio hits are tagged as some of his best works yet by fellow musicians and industry critics. From his 6th CD “ONE”, his highly successful hit “My My My” from the great vocalist Johnny Gill is still receiving strong radio airplay as well as hits from Janet Jackson, The Bee Gees, and Bob Marley, Chic, Al Jarreau, New Edition, and many more. Thumper is available is for festivals, as well as intimate club dates.


"HOPE" (Heal Our Planet Earth)

Marry Me



Sky's The Limit


4 U Mom Live !!!

The Midas Touch

Walkin n Rhythm

Can You Stand the Rain

Peanut Butter Cookies

I Shot the Sherriff

Oral Six

My World

Dreams Do Come True

Can't Live without You

Good Times

Positive Attitude

Turn Down The Lights

The Schmoove Groove

Midnight Groove

Autumn Rain

Ridin' Wit Da Top Down

Slow, Smooth & Sexy

Steppin Out (Live)

In This Love 2gether

My My My

I Wish

2 Much Heaven