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Taylor Kroff

Taylor Kroff

Instrumentals, Acoustic , Chill, Soundtrack,....

New York, New York , USA

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Taylor is an accomplished and passionate musician with skills in composition, performance, songwriting, teaching, arranging, production, orchestration, studio recording, music theory/analysis, and conducting. Taylor is well-versed in music genres, as a composer, producer, and pianist, including classical, blues, rock, pop, jazz, R&B, indie, orchestral, and choral.  He has played the piano since 1996, as a soloist, accompanist, and with different groups, including Brigham Young University's Jazz Ensemble. He has performed and entertained in many different venues and locations across the United States.   Taylor graduated with a bachelor's degree in Commercial Music from Brigham Young University.  He currently works freelance as a composer, producer, performing pianist, arranger, orchestrator, accompanist, piano teacher, studio keyboardist, and songwriter.  His past projects include several original film scores, original music for the musical Clean This House, original music for a BYU dance recital, orchestrating music in the musical film Lovestruck!, and producing songs for various independent artists.


The Princess Waltz

We Can Shape The Future

Facing The Dragon

Fusion In Time

Heart In Serenade

On The Edge