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Tarik Nix

Tarik Nix

Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop

New York, New York , USA

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Tarik Nix born October 5th 1985 born and raised on Long Island NY. He is a known artist for his song writing, singing and entertainment. Tarik started making songs to video game theme songs on Sega Genesis at around the age of 6 and the love for making music stuck with him since then. In elementary school he would write songs and eventually even write verses in hopes of having others perform them along with him. By the time Tarik was in middle school he was highly inspired by Diddy. He wanted to have his own label and just make dope music. Tarik and his cousin Had their own keyboard and drum machine, they soon became a rap duo in high school and performed at talent shows even getting a chance to perform out in Vegas at a rap convention where he met teddy Riley. By the end of high school Tarik and his cousin converted their aunt's garage into a full fledge studio. They recorded artist all over Long Island even into the city. Soon he found himself on tour with his friend and Flo rida in Australia in 2008, which led into Tarik receiving an intro by one of hip hop’s greatest Dj's DJ Khaled for Tarik's song "Hey Shawty" in 2009. Shortly after that the label Cet it off folded. His friend and cousin got writing deals and Tarik decided to take took a hiatus from music from . He moved to Florida in 2014 after a month long trip to Thailand where his views on life changed and he was re introduced to music and started recording what He considers to be "real music" music with substance. This time he decided to stop making music he thought people would like and he started to make music that moved him. Tarik plans on being the first artist to not claim a genre and have an album with a collective of genres in the same album. "I represent the people who have iPods that go from rap to rock to r&b to pop in the shuffle of their playlist". He wants to be a universal artist, one that can perform on a hip-hop platform to pop to indie to reggae to r&b. His goal is to spread not only positive vibes but real vibes as well. We go through life feeling waves of emotions and that's what Tarik will show the world through his music.