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New York, New York , USA

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The 21 year old artist TG has come a long way through the sound of music. 3 years of producing, 2 years of songwriting, & 3 years of mix & mastering, all with the total of 8 years studying. He recently just collaborated with Cascade FM, a well known distribution. Though he shall not stop there. He just recently dropped his latest album "The Goat", with hit songs like "Limbo, Swang, Bless Up, and Drop Top. You can find it on ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify & many more! Also, he is now working on another album called 96, the year the goat was born, sounds crazy huh. Well the young goat plans to drop 3 albums this year & hopes one hits the bull's-eye. TG is a hard working artist & plans to break the net in 2017!




Bless Up