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Stephen Lawrence

Stephen Lawrence


Dallas, Texas , USA

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apples and oranges... bananas and pears Quality over quantity pop/rock country/folk Born/raised Dallas,Tx red green yellow Originality___Diversity desert southwest Potatoes and tomatoes jazz/blues gospel/spiritual Wide open spaces to free the mind, soul and spirit fruits and flowers No album fillers are acceptable be yourself "Enchanted Music Box" (first song written at age 16) children's/novelty film/jingle Jalapeno burgers___ jalapeno nachos better late than never-early bloomer-baby boomer 350 songs (or so) later... [did I mention jalapenos?] Mountains___saguaro cactus___desert creatures know my songs ~ know me Join me in my musical journey ...anytime...wherever you might be... as I glean from the musical influences that surround me throughout the decades ...I hope to connect with the young and the 'not so young' seems I have and hopefully will continue to do so... swl


Mohave Moon

Right Where I Won't Be Wrong

Don't Worry About Me

At Arms Length


The More We Talk

Grab a Pie From The Sky

Weight of the World

You Know Who You Are

Her Only Crime

Over You

New Love