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Solo Child


Petersburg, Virginia , USA

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I go by name of Loyal Genius, a.k.a. Solo Child. I was Born in New Britian, Connecticut and raised in Middletown, Connecticut. (From A FAMILY OF STILL SURVIVING SOILDERS) At the mere age of 13, I picked up the pen and along came the artist that is well equipped with skill, versatility, and growth. I went to school just like everybody else but the lane that influenced me is the same reason why I'm influential today! Being a high school drop out made my road that much harder. The most difficult part was acquiring the understanding (the knowing) that I was a high school drop out! At the same time, I was faced with adversity and many challenges. (To the more crucial side) I am an overcomer from the TIMES! Humble but still not defined! A historian, apart of the reason I'm alive. To summarize the picture that I am soon to create I can speak more on the past, but that's where my music will forever last. My past created the artist that you view today! The steps that I continuously take will surface from the day to day probability. Is just how I am truly one in a million


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