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Shiek Haynes, A.K.A Rashiek Haynes, was born on January 31st, 1990 in Albany, NY. His influences include Phil Collins, Kanye West, Big L and Pimp C and other international musicians. He has been writing music ever since the age of 12 along with his brother Casiem "suede " Maxwell, going under the name "Shiek&Suade". Music has always surrounded him and his brother as they spent their weekends staying at their Dad’s studio doing anything to help out while soaking up various styles of music. He has been a youth development counselor, getting teens off the streets and teaching them new ways to deal with stress for the last seven years. Their father Glenn DJ "Rah Da Butcher" Maxwell had run his own studios since he was a teenager himself so it was no coincidence that music runs in their blood. Hayne’s ways of mixing the ups and downs of current life with an obsession of the 90s and 70s has made him a rising artist in both the underground and the airwaves. His first song, "Just Friends", gives you a feel of the excitement that Shiek brings to his music. Giving fans every ounce they desire in music is his ultimate goal.



Just Friends


Big Dreaming

Back Up