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Richard James

Richard James

Dance/House, Soundtrack, Electronic

Jersey City, New Jersey , USA

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Music has played a major role in my life since I was about 10 years old. My mother always played the piano, and began teaching me around then. It followed me through my school years, and in high school, I was involved in most music programs. Stage band, concert band, and marching band opened me up to lots of styles of music and instruments. Being a part of the musical theatre department also increased my interest in all of the variations of music. From 2005-2009, I produced and performed underground hip hop. In 2009, I attended Kean University, majoring in Music. I transferred to Musician's Institute, Hollywood, CA, in 2010. While living in LA, I began my career as a film score composer, while still producing hip hop and R&B for local artists. I moved back to NJ in 2013, and writing/producing music has become a freelance occupation for me. I hope you enjoy my music, and am always willing to write something new for any specific project. Side note: I uploaded 5 songs initially, and I tried to cover as many genres as possible. I've been categorized as "Electronic, Dance", and feel inclined to inform anyone interested that I am more primarily hip hop, R&B. Electronic, Dance music is not my forte, but if the project calls for it, so be it. Thanks.






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