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I want to introduce myself as Rayquaun Alexander, a multi-talented aspiring actor and artist who has been pushing his career own his own for a while now. Additionally, I developed a presence on stage in 2015 when working on set with "Skipper (Walden Productions)," a historical hit stage play, dating back to the 1960s. Sooner after that in year 2016 I had the opportunity of being one of Jamal's dancers on empire. I have also collaborated in other projects to keep my career persistent. In year 2017 I took a jump at life i normally don't take. I dropped my first Mix tape! It was not only my first mix tape but my first Ep I wrote,recorded and produced. It took me almost six months to complete my project but i finished it with love. I was so excited to start releasing my own music for the first time and all the good feedback i gained from this project has me even more excited to release my second project sometime next year in the spring. I just want to thank god for the experience and challenges he put me through while putting this album together. Each song was created from a certain situation I was going through at that time. If you look forward to following me on my journey make sure you follow me on all social media networks and actively stay in tune. My EP "DRUNK DREAMS" by Rayquaun is also available on Soundcloud, Youtube, Itunes and more.


Doubted Me

Keep Me Close


Drunk Dreams