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Prodeezy @Prod33zy

Prodeezy @Prod33zy

Folk, Hip-Hop/Rap, Reggae, Chill, Soul

Las Vegas, Nevada , USA

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Prodeezy is an active Open Format DJ and Production Specialist. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Pro became a Colorado native in the mid 90's. While in Colorado, Pro carried out a Professional Freestyle Skiing career from 2000 - 2006. Scratching records was an activity he did with friends after skiing and traveling. The name Prodeezy originates from childhood friend and Denver Artist, Jay Muziq, who gave the name ProDOC. "Pro was an early professional that surgically worked on beats and videos like a doctor; hence the name ProDOC". Later, the name was changed to Prodeezy. In 2010, Pro graduated from Fort Lewis College receiving a Business Management Degree. In 2013 he was a participant of the L.A. Film & Recording School, and completed Music Engineering internships at Atlantic Records and Paramount Recording Studios. The Prodeezy brand represents a positive, fun, & hard-working lifestyle. Pro is a real DJ focused on the music and entertaining the crowd. Prodeezy incorporates all the elements of production and turntableism in his live DJ sets, and engineer's a quality sound in the recording studio. ~ Visit for more info and booking contact~


Jahvine - Stress (Prod. Scrilla Scratch)

Jahvine - Living Ain't Eazy (Prod.Scrilla Scratch)

Jahvine - Hustle Often (Prod. Rosehill)

Big Dreaming ft. Ian Hatch, Fo Chief

Justice Rhymes - Good Greens (Skit)

Gary Rouze - Imabstr8

Jay Muziq - Real Lyfe

Jay Muziq - She Wanna

Jay Muziq - Just A Dream

Gary Rouze - Wild Lyfe

Gary Rouze - Walk Away

Gary Rouze - She Lied

Gary Rouze - Right Now

Gary Rouze - Problems

Gary Rouze - Holupjusaminute

Gary Rouze - Giving You The Biz

Gary Rouze - For Reel

Gary Rouze - Confetti

Jay Muziq - Miss Me When Im Gone

Jay Muziq - Ima Playa

Jay Muziq - So Serious

Jay Muziq - Calling Me Remix

Jay Muziq - Revelations

Jay Muziq - Calling Me

Jay Muziq - Backslider

Jay Muziq - Warning Shots

Jay Muziq - U.T.I. (Under The Influence)

Jay Muziq - Hold On

Jay Muziq - Take It And Run

Jay Muziq - Life'z a Game

Jay Muziq - Beautiful Nightmares

Justice Rhymes - Lost Time

Justice Rhymes - Skys Grey

Justice Rhymes - Come A Lil Closer

Justice Rhymes - Visions

Justice Rhymes - Unbreakable

Justice Rhymes - Catchabadone

Justice Rhymes - So if U

Justice Rhymes - Double Time

Justice Rhymes - Dream Life

Justice Rhymes - Shpill ft. Cody Beastly, Fo Chief

Justice Rhymes - 24hour

Carlitos Chunk ft. Gary Rouze - Ninth Inning

Jay Muziq - Ooh La Laa Laaa

Prodeezy - Addiction

Knowledge Beats (Prod. Ace)

Jay Muziq - Cross My Heart

Mark Cavett - Wait For You

Jay Muziq - Walk Thru

Justice Rhymes - Back To It

Rain Drops ft. Fo Chief, MC Big House

Repeat ft. Jahvine & Felisa Latin Soul

Justice Rhymes - Never Die ft. Cody Beastly

Justice Rhymes - Sativa Lifted