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Montavius Jackson

Montavius Jackson


Tulsa, Oklahoma , USA

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New and up coming male hip-hop R&B sensation and record label with Music that will electrify your mind and with a personalities that can break ice With anyone, the talent to accomplish anything, and the looks magazine cover deserve. You have Tae Taliban rapper/singer/producer songwriter from Atlanta also J3rd rapper/songwriter a&r, and producer From Brooklyn N.Y. They are loved for their originality, swagger with a EastCoast flow. Recognized for their uniqueness. Therefore, they are caution and selective as to whom they work with. The Passion is deeper then a deal stated. Their album is in works, they spend most of their time in the studio working hard. They stated "they try to make music that relates to everyone, quote"We arent just artist, we entertain. Dont Believe? see for yourself.


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