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Sacramento, California , USA

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Lyph Muzic -a Colorado Underground Hip Hop project. With roots as a freestyle/abstract mc "emcee Lyph" incorperates freeform tech in recorded&live performences.From old school boom bap hip hop expanding to other out of the box genres The LyphMuzic project will incorperate solo and collaborative projects touching on electric, funk, new school, old school and many other sounds this style of abstrac hip hop will also include new consepts of live instrument driven beats collaberated with djs and old school turntableists! Emcee lyph presents the beggining of "Lyph Muzic " with the soo To be released "syllabus Ep" droping the first single 3/17 "The heist" and the lyrical track "Abstract" The Ep is estimated do be released 10/1/17.


The Heist