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Being a classical pianist since my early life, I incorporated my musical training into contemporary sound. Working with me, you will have a professional in beat making, as well as piano performance. Passion, skill, hard work and attention to detail are my strengths. I'm a graduate of Institute Of Audio Research, Audio Engineering degree, class2016. Whatever your desires are in perfecting your sound, I am here for you. I work in Logic Pro, and Pro Tools, if needed. I'll fine tune and time stretch you, I will make you love your voice to the point where you won't believe it's you singing this brilliantly. Or: we can have a different approach and go all natural, and I'll make sure we find the right takes. Whether you need heavy bass, or tricky hi hats, or you want live instruments to shine thru, I am here for you. You will love the final product. I can create the beat for you, or we can create it together. My purpose is to help you find your perfect sound. In the end of our work together, you will be satisfied. We will not stop until you are.


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