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LA Johnson


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LA Johnson Through what seemed to be an endless cascade of hardships, LA Johnson has come through the other side to pave the way for his long-awaited debut, Overdue: Comin 4 Mine$. Overdue is more than the name of LA Johnson’s debut, it’s a sentiment that holds so much truth. Growing up in the heart of Queensboro, Johnson found himself stuck as his mother fought hard to raise him and his four younger siblings. She did what she could but the reality of their situation started to take a toll and soon enough Johnson found himself falling prey to the streets and in the juvenile system by the time he was 13. While most would’ve let life behind bars get to them, Johnson took it as an opportunity to hit restart. He started soul searching and soon realized his passion for rhyming. Soon though he was penning lyrics and performing at the juvenile detention center talent show in Shreveport. Those around him showed him nothing but love and in turn, encouraged him to continue once he was released. But it wasn’t easy. With a rap sheet, Johnson struggled for a bit to find his place back amongst society but things started to change for the better in 2002. That was when he and a childhood friend connected became part of the group Boo Ridaz. They even released an album, but a myriad of issues led them to disband. They remained friends but as he moved forward with his career, Johnson had to focus on himself. Over the next 17 years, he switched gears performing everywhere from Dallas to Detroit, he started his label 1GMusic Group and started to put the work in on his debut release, Overdue: Comin 4 Mine$. His debut was a long time coming and is the culmination of a lifetime of struggle. Songs like “Flava” and “Rollin Solo” pinpoint those hard times and put them on display for everyone to see. A vulnerable move, but one that was necessary for listeners to truly grasp the life and times of a man who’s been to the bottom numerous times and always managed to find his way back up. While some would've everything he’s been through tear them down completely, Johnson took his past and put it towards his passion for music. Today he’s focusing on not only building his name and label but helping other artists find their voice as well. He has noticed the talent throughout Shreveport, LA and wants to tap into it before others take notice so he can then pay it forward and continue to prove that struggles aren’t forever. They’re just moments that push you towards better tomorrows.


Hold Up

Stay High

Anotha Day

Bet She Can't

Real OG