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Kenneith Perrin

Kenneith Perrin

Folk, Instrumentals, Pop, Chill

New York, New York , USA

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Kenneith Perrin is an eclectic singer/songwriter/entertainer who first hit radio airways with this debut CD, "It Took So Long". Kenneith is best known for his inspirational pop/soul stlyes and delivering passionate high energy live shows. As he currently releases his ninth single entitled, "Come To The Fountain", a song from the "Present of the Past" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, this ASCAP Plus Winner is finally destined to catapult onto the Billboard charts. The charismatic entertainer, from Augusta, Georgia, grew up singing in churches, local music groups, and musical theater productions throughout his school and college years. Kenneith's musical influences steep heavily into new wave; R&B; Gospel; Dance; and traditional pop ballads. After successfully earning a law degree, Kenneith switched gears and decided to dedicate his life to his passions: singing, songwriting, and entertaining. As he continues to build a strong presence on Spotifiy and other compatible online music sharing platforms, Kenneith is rapidly expanding his music to gain new listeners by entertaining at corporate events; weddings; birthday parties; churches; civic clubs; festivals; concert halls; homeless shelters; and coffee houses. There are no limits as to where he is willing to share his music.



Always Alone (Instrumental)

Kenneith Perrin - Come to the Fountain

Kenneith Perrin - Rising Up Higher