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John Capo

John Capo

Instrumentals, Jazz, Latin

Los Angeles, California , USA

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John Capo was born and raised in Los Angeles and started playing piano at the age of five. His music career started when he began traveling with bands as a piano and keyboard player and studio musician. After several years of performing live and working as a studio musician, John began to devote his time to songwriting, as well as musical arrangement and production. He began working with recording artists and songwriters on their individual track and album releases. As a composer of Contemporary Instrumental music, John released three CD’s; ‘‘Dream on the Outside’, ‘A Little Sugar for the Devils‘ and ‘That Other Life You Lived‘. He was a resident composer for the independent ‘NuValley Orchestra‘, creating symphonic and chamber style pieces and ran Hangar 14 Studios working as an Arranger, Engineer, Programmer and Producer.


It Wasn't Enough


Disappearing Act


In A House Of Minstrels


Makes No Difference

Kiss Of You

Instead of Sleeping

Paper Airplanes

My Answer


A Wish

Taking a Walk

Having Fun

The Invitation

People I Know

Dream on the Outside

That Other Life You Lived

Multiple Choice


Other Natural Wonders

Slow Poison

The Other Guys Girlfriend

Watching Her Leave

Last One Out

It's Just Life

Same Moon


Miss Marvel

Three To Dance

Not Towards The Light

Bare Thighs and Go-Go Boots

Right In The Middle

Look In From The Edge

A New Day

The Idea Before Goodbye

End of a Scoundrel

A Little Sugar For The Devils

Catch Your Breath

When The Gods Up and Left