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Halym Nazeer

Halym Nazeer


Manhattan, New York , USA

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Harlym Nazeer is a 14-year-old aspiring talent. She sings, acts and has also modeled. Harlym was born in Clarksville, TN, however, she has lived in several different cities. She has always showed an interest in performing. At four years of age Harlym showcased herself to her family by writing and singing songs in their living room and by the time Harlym was eight years old, she was performing in local productions. Her goal is to work the entertainment field and eventually be recognized as a professional, hardworking, strong female who focuses on female empowerment. Harlym’s dad always told her to “be as you are and do as you will”. She takes that advice to heart and she is confident and ready to conquer her destiny.


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New Millennium


Always There