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Giant Flying Turtles

Giant Flying Turtles

Folk, Rock

Brooklyn, New York , USA

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Brooklyn is home to what is perhaps the worlds most exciting rock scene right now, and at the apex of that scene sits Giant Flying Turtles. With three highly capable lead singers and a sound as unique as their name, these hip rock and rollers have crafted a sound that fuses everything from Steely Dan and Joni Mitchell to David Bowie and Iron Maiden. It makes for a gumbo of influences that are diverse, but extremely well digested, giving them a unique and inspiring sound. Formed out of the ashes of former bands and through deep connections throughout the Brooklyn scene, the band is now hot off of the release of their second record, Waltz To The World, eleven tracks of transcendent pop rock that showcase just how talented the musicians involved in this project are. Perhaps New Sick Music said it best when they wrote, “The Brooklyn band are tricky to pin down, but there isn’t a song on this eleven track record that won’t make you want to dance.” Prog rock instrumentations aside – Giant Flying Turtles focus on their deep musicianship above all. The true goal of the band though is to fuse their extensive life and musical experiences in order to create something new and exciting. With themes of love, life, politics and addiction Giant Flying Turtles have made a name for themselves as a potent live band, often developing on their compositions onstage. This has turned them into a must-see act who refuse to conform to the standard rules of conventional rock and roll, but rather sets them aside as visionaries with high hopes for the future. With a sound that can carry you over mountains but which understands the valleys of life, there is something inherently thrilling about Giant Flying Turtles. Maybe that’s why they were featured by both the Moscow International Film Festival and by the Kings Of Coney Island. Maybe that’s why their star only seems to be rising. Or maybe it’s the simple fact that they believe in deep music played from the heart and with passion. Giving it all away to chase the dream, Giant Flying Turtles understand exactly what it takes and they bring it to you every time they take the stage.


Stay Out Late

Three Shades Of Blue

River Runs Dry

One Of A Kind