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Geno Dolla Billi

Geno Dolla Billi


Phoenix, Arizona , USA

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Greg E. Randall Jr. aka Geno Dolla Billi or Geno Billi was born in Effingham, IL and raised in Chicago, IL. Coming up in the Gang oriented and drug war-torn streets of Chicago's Southside, Geno learned at a young age the importance of finding a positive outlet in a harsh environment. Heavily influenced by music at an early age, Geno was able to find his niche. He started singing at 6 writing poetry at 8 and rapping at 12. At 15 he left his birth state and moved to Ky where he began to venture out with his musical talents. At 17, He started a music group known as Thug Passion. He and the groups two other members Cardell "Money" Copeland and Delvonte "DC" Copeland released a mixtape titled "The Come Up" which created quite a buzz in a small town. Geno already is relatively well known for his battle rapping knew this was only the beginning for the trio. But after high school, he parted ways, moving to Phoenix, AZ. Money and DC continued to create music until DC was incarcerated in 2012. Having to start from scratch in a new town in 2009, Geno went back to battle rapping. It wasn't until 2012, that he linked up with Lockness and Red Nose to create the label "Bred 2 Ball Music Group". The Chicagoan poet turned battle rapper, now known as a musical artist/songwriter, Geno Dolla Billi brings a slew of lyrical punchlines, metaphors, and similes and combines them with a superb knack for storytelling, mix that with his melodic sometimes haunting vocals and you're in for a unique and lyrical experience.


Know Better feat. JSPH