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Funk Bandit

Funk Bandit

Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop

New York, New York , USA

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The Funk Bandit is a DJ/Producer who has almost fulfilled his dream in being one of the music's industry leader. Raised with a rough upbringing, he didn't know where to take his next step. At the age of 18 while reunited with his Mother after several years, he discovered EDM. One night after hearing a bunch of commotion behind his house of in which his Mother was now staying, he found life again. After checking out the loud music and chattering, he discovered the night life. At the age of 18 he began visiting the night club frequently and soon became a part of it. From there he learned the history and the meaning behind dance music. Falling in love so quickly with the culture of being yourself and enjoying the vibrations of different variations of modern music, he became a part of it. From there he began collecting records and entered the art of breakdancing, after learning the art both, he excelled in both avenues. Winning many breakdancing competitions and drawing a crowd every time he touch the turntables, he could no longer sit back and and only play other artists music. He started producing music and found his place in society. Being a veteran, after 19 years, he's chosen to devote his career to move people by the masses with his powerful productions. He produces anywhere from Pop, Funky Disco House, Minimal House, Hip Hop and has the ability to produce most genres. He is working on his first solo album to be publicly released for the first time after all these years, many have waited for this debut. "I just felt I wasn't ready and when the time is right, only then, will my efforts be shared amongst the masses". Well, he is ready, the music industry will definitely feel his presents!


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