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First Class Beatz

First Class Beatz


Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania , USA

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Alonzo "First Class" Pruitt was born on June 8, 1986 and has been into music ever since. His mother was a music major at the University of Green Bay, father a DJ, and his late cousin Danny "Nitro" Harris was a producer & music teacher who worked with a variety of mainstream artists such as Whitney Houston, Boyz 2 Men and Kurtis Blow to name a few. First Class began his beat making career in late 2004, but he wasn't sure how to really go about this dream of his - that dream is to be one of the best producers the music industry has ever known. Coming from the small town of Bloomsburg, then moving to Berwick both located in Pennsylvania, the music scene wasn't really something that thrived...but he plans on changing that, and HAS. Now, almost everyone in the entire 570 knows who he is and what he's about. The music he creates based off of raw talent and deep emotion will undoubtedly take him where he wants to be, and that’s to be regarded as one of the most dynamic producers in the history of hip hop.


Blind Faith (feat. Anthem The Great)