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New York, New York , USA

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When you hear the word face, you may think of the most significant or prominent image that represents a person, place, or thing. In this case the name face represents the one of most important new forces hip-hop has to reckon with. The powerful phrase, "man with no feelings," are the words of a man that survived the unforgiving streets of Chicago's infamous stateway gardens projects, with a life of hardships that has mimicked many of his hip hop predecessors, a voice that captivates those who are ready to listen, and a pen that bleeds lyrical prowess and tells the tales of life on the road less traveled, face is poised to make the world take notice with the release of his mixtape,"Da Streets". Speaking of the streets, face is quite familiar with the elements that exists within it's unforgiving boundaries, as he has survived growing up in Chicago's grittiest housing projects. Born to his loving-single mother, Jermaine Dixon(face) was the oldest of six boys in his family. As he was forced to take on the role as a father figure at a early age, he became addicted to fast money lifestyle of the block in an effort to help support his family. Always finding solace in music by the time he was in fifth grade he knew he had amazing talent for rhyming,free styling,and even battling. After being discovered by his manager in high school, face knew that hip-hop would replace the street life that he was so accustomed to.initially he began making music with GN/JD.ent but soon after branched out on his own, he realized that he had a voice and a story that needed to be heard.influenced by the likes of biggie,Tupac,and twista, this Chicago artist has honed his talents in showcases and on stages across the country. from the chi-town street's, to clubs in Milwaukee, to the Apollo, face has proven that he has the ability to move the crowd. In an effort to prove that he deserves a place in hip-hop and that he is the best at what he does, face has compiled the mixtape, "Da Street" which features the awe-inspiring track "So much luv" and the club banger "Getting Money" which features the Atlanta rapper, "Bone Crusher". face is not only ready to Crush the industry, he is on an unyielding mission to be recognized as one of the most significant and prominent forces in the game. in other words, He is ready to become the face of HIP-HOP.


So Much Luv