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Dondattahoffa is an upcoming rapper that is on the rise fast and with good reason. Born on December 28th 1988. Terrell Williams originally born in Cincinnati, Ohio, the product of the foster system going back and forth from group home to group home in Ohio, he was later adopted at age 3 to a single African American mother. Due to his adoption he is unsure of his nationality but goes by African American descent. Once finalising the adoption papers and name changes from Terell Williams to Terrence Cornish, he moved with his new family to settle in the small town of Bloomfield New Jersey. This is where he would call home for the next 10 years of his life. With only a single mother to nurture him, things were tough for Young Hoffa. He first fell in love with music between the ages of 10-13 years old, a work-friend of his mother agreed to watch him as a favour during the day, while Da Dondatta”s mother worked in NY. While being babysat Hoffa got to meet her older son who at the time had started his own rap group with friends from the neighbourhood. The young boy who is known now as Dondattahoffa/Young Hoffa/Da Dondatta/Dondott/Hoffa was then pit under her son’s wing. This is where he says he soaked up most of his knowledge today on music from shows studio sessions and all around musical energy his brothers group had brought. Now to the excitement of a Young Hoffa, being there everyday sometimes sleeping over while his mother worked double shifts, he was being showed the ropes without even trying. Endless hours in his god brothers basement watching him do his thing with equipment and members of his group were all Da Dondott needed to see. He instantly gravitated to anything having to do with hip hop and his now god brothers music. For the next 2 years were some of the best childhood memories ever, he naturally created a big brother lil brother bond with his godmothers son. Things got better for worse when Da Dondotta’s mother was offered a better job opportunity in the small state of Rhode Island. Although things were now going to be looking up financially for Hoffa’s family he now had to say goodbye to his new big brother/god brother and friends to move to the ocean state. Dondattahoffa was devastated. He begged his mother to stay but the reason for him to go was so they could live better. Once moved to he state of Rhode Island at age 15 with no friends or family to mingle, Dondatta decided to open a subject notebook and describe how he felt… his pen never stopped writing. For years after the first entry of pen to pad Da Dondott would go on to write raps which no one would ever hear…yet! In early 2011 after 2 years of unspoken and unheard raps, he decided that his collection of notebooks stacked with fresh material was ready to be heard. Finding a studio about 20 minutes up the road he began to put his trax on wax. As da saying goes repetition is the father of learning. Dondattahoffa lived by this. With endless tracks being made in that year he finally began to feel comfortable in a veteran’s way. His first track dropped was a 43 seconds freestyle, posted on YouTube while hustlin’ CD’s in Providence, Rhode Island. With it receiving more views then expected and still in contact with his ‘idol’ god brother, he immediately started his rap career that would begin buzzin’ immediately. He began working on his debut mixtape he titled The Trilogy of Jimmie Hoffa. So far he has released the Ressurection & Reincarnation the last piece the Revenge, Hoffa assures us he has plans to release with a major label... "Da Dondatta" is well on his way to the top of hiphop as a phenemenon, God MC etc.. Saluted personally by MMG Rockie Fresh on twitter @Dondattahoffa he is also followed by a plethora of celebs verified ACCTS BRANDS COMPANIES etc a few names: "King of Philly" Gillie da kid, Cassidy, Doug E fresh, Arika Kane, comedian Aries Spears, Drag-on, Dj lazy K, Vinnie Chase Joe Jackson Defjam etc. With interviews from Capetown South Africa to Podcasts in Ontario Canada where he was given the slot and brief article for the "TOP 5 RAPPERS TO LOOK FOR IN 2016" to Live public television in Connecticut to landing 2 front page magazine covers, fashion shows Grit 2 Great podcast given the moniker "northeasts fastest rising rapper" Dondatta Hoffa has turned to a brand name with his incredible music he is ready to make his imprint on hip hop industry and the world and has no signs of slowing down ANYTIME SOON!!!


Let It Go (feat. Simile)

On Deck (feat. Yung Haunter & OX)

Fully Loaded (feat. Yung Haunter)

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