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Conner Cherland

Conner Cherland

Indie, Pop, Acoustic , Chill

New York, New York , USA

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I wasn’t groomed for music, I played volleyball for as long as I can remember (parents met each other on the court). As a result, my story will sound pretty similar to High School Musical – the jock secretly expressing himself through music and slowly growing more comfortable singing in front of people. I’m distracted by what makes a good song – the distance between notes that pulls at your attention, the phrase that stays in your brain when you lay down to sleep. I care about words, particularly in a well-written song. At the end of 2014 I made a goal to write 40 songs within 6 months. That time is gone and I’ve officially written more than 90, some of which are really bad… …and you’ll probably never hear them. I figured if I wrote that many, at least I’d have a few we could all enjoy. That brings us to right now, I’m less than a year into full time musicianship, and I’m determined to keep writing songs, booking shows, and learning as much as possible. Join me!


Way Down

Moving Day


I Will Keep On Loving You

Ocean's Cold

Step Or Sway