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Colleen Clark

Colleen Clark


Saint Petersburg, Florida , USA

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Colleen C. Clark is a singer/songwriter/guitar player who started playing out in Florida , USA , after her brother Eric died of Aids at the age of 29. Colleen's song "Tango with the Devil" won best Pop/Spoken Word Akademia Awards. Recent article/interview about her here: One of her original songs titled "Tango with the Devil" won finalist position in a UK songwriting contest and was chosen for film placement for a Canadian film titled "Me, My Mom and a Whistle". (video footage link of Colleen C. Clark on Fox 13 News after she won semi-finalist position for her love song "Under Your Spell" in a UK Songwriting Contest) Her song "Forbidden Love" won the Director's Award by the Nashville International Song & Lyric Writing Competition for Valentine's. Her song "Miss You Baby" was nominated for a Grammy Award by Canadian American Records. She's a native of Canada , and loves to touch people with music:


Follow Your Heart

Butterflies in Heaven