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C.K Flach

C.K Flach

Indie, Country, Pop, Rock

Albany, New York , USA

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Born and raised near Albany, NY, C.K. Flach is an artist determined to make a difference through songs and poetry. Flach began drumming at age 10 and learned a few guitar chords on a service trip to Cambodia as a teenager. He started writing songs and playing music with friends for fun and in 2012 started a band called 'The Kindness' with his brother and life-long friend. Inspired by the landscape, lifestyle and people of the Hudson Valley, Flach began to sing and write aggressively for the band which would release an EP independently in 2015. C.K. began to focus more on solo work in 2016, writing and recording a new project in a spare room at his apartment. Flach (a multi-instrumentalist) did nearly all the work himself; writing, arranging and recording. He recruited friends and family as needed to complete certain songs, but the project titled Empty Mansions remains an extension of C.K. himself. ​Focusing on the turmoil of the times, C.K. prepared nine songs and one poem for the album that speak of modern day issues such as politics, racism, division and corruption by telling stories of love, loss, heartache and salvation. Rooted in Americana, Flach cultivates an indie rock sound that acts as the vessel to carry his message. One he delivers with a voice that ranges from dark to inspiring.  “I think music is the strongest medium we have to share ideas, feelings and views. And what I hope for is that whoever listens to my music can take something away with them. Be it a thought, feeling, idea or inspiration.”  Empty Mansions is available now.


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