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Byrto Givens

Byrto Givens


Marietta, Georgia , USA

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Byrto Givens was born in Frankfurt, Germany on October 25th. He stayed in many places as a military baby, ultimately giving him a different sound, having experienced different cultures and cities. From Augusta to Atlanta to Florida to Louisiana to New York to New Jersey back to Atlanta he gained a sense of maturity and drive. Unlike most artists, he didn't get into music early. Playing in the band in middle school for a year was his only experience with music. Growing up without his parents was a huge burden in his life. Not knowing his mother, while his father was highly ranked in the military, he was always on the road. Raised by his uncle and aunt he struggled to find stability. With them having 9 kids of their own it was scarce to get the attention wanted or needed. Becoming a loner in his environment he started paying attention to details. His uncle was a huge 2pac and Biggie fan. Byrto's first introduction to music was Tupac. His sound is predicated off of the old school generation while incorporating the new generation well. With a array of vocals and harmonies Byrto has created a new sound that is now being called “lyrically ratchet”.


Spend It

We Up prod. By Max Payne Shawty

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