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AtlasNova ProNova ENT LLC

AtlasNova ProNova ENT LLC


Aurora, Colorado , USA

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Tyrell Jawhar Bolden, also known as AtlasNova, is an American hip hop recording artist. AtlasNova has worked in the underground scene of Atlanta and various other States including Colorado for many years and in 2015, he came together with longtime friend and partner Isaac Wal to launch ProNova entertainment. AtlasNova released his first EP entitled Arts&Crafts in January of 2016. As of 2017 AtlasNova is preparing to release his debut studio album. It is set for release in late 2017/early 2018 and is very highly anticipated. AtlasNova grew up in Denver Colorado struggling with various social issues he saw in his community as well as at his own home. Htook what he saw and cultivated a master- like musical form that has served him well to this day. Wow Atlas labels himself a “completely new breed of artist”.


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