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Manhattan, New York , USA

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I grew up in North Minneapolis around violence, drugs, crime, racism and guns but despite that, I’ve always been an intellectual with different perspective on things. It wasn't till later, when the Messiah (Christ), began getting my attention and drawing me more and more into "the truth" until finally I learned my true history and culture, that being Hebrew. Eventually I found my self-study, the Bible and applying the lessons to my life. At the beginning, I used to freestyle for fun with friends and paint graffiti. Later, I started sharing my biblical knowledge with others until eventually as part of spreading the message of salvation, and repentance, I began rapping as another means to reach people, not only that but also glorify the father and his son, and deliberately going against what otherwise would be music promoting drugs and other nonsense.


Battle Armor

Bless Those Thats Feeling This

This Is It