Music fans, independent musicians, and businesses can join Cascade.FM for free today to enjoy brand new music and support independent artists from all genres and backgrounds.


Upgrade to a premium account, starting at $5 per month. Receive awesome business offers and exclusive party invitations through our e-newsletter, gain access to tailored rewards as an artist or company and enjoy unlimited music streams and uploads.


Music Access

Access our exclusive catalogue of diverse independent artists and stream music for free.

Digital Newsletter

Contains new music, food recommendations, art inspirations, local events and more.

Event Access

Receive private invitations to special events, parties and live shows from Cascade.FM.

Access Rewards

Obtain exclusive customer rewards with our business partners worldwide.

What is Cascade.FM?
Cascade.FM is a music streaming service with a revolutionary business model. Created by a community of artists and tastemakers, Cascade.FM curates a collection of new and exclusive music from independent, unsigned artists, music producers, composers and more. Our unique music streaming platform partners with businesses worldwide with discounted licensing agreements to stream customized and curated playlists, creating an experience for all types of consumers and enhancing the ambience of businesses.

Is Cascade.FM free of charge?
Whether you’re a music fan, artist or business, you can sign up to Cascade.FM for free. Artists and businesses can also enjoy our premium membership packages, starting from $5 per month.

On which devices can I use Cascade.FM?
Cascade.FM is available on iOS, Android, mobile and desktop. to be used on phones, tablets, computers, along with a wide range of network players such as Pandora, Sonos, and more.

Why should I use Cascade.FM?
Cascade.FM is providing upcoming independent artists with opportunities to have their music reach new audiences through the synergy between musicians and businesses. We tailor the rewards with a Cascade.FM membership for each type of member, but our unique artist-business relationship offers maximum profitability and growth for both parties, through the promotion of independent music.

What payments are available?
We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

How do artists and businesses make money?
Both Cascade.FM members generate revenue through a system of download cards, where artist’s songs are priced at $0.99. Businesses play our music and customized playlists, sell download cards to customers, and each party takes a percentage of the cards sold – it’s that simple! An awesome feature of our music platform is that any individual or company can partner as a business with Cascade.FM and make money through the sale of download cards. Additionally, premium artist members may receive tip donations through our partnered businesses, based upon listeners satisfaction with the music.